The Drunken Dragon restaurant within the Brewers Arms, 

Main Rd, Bicknacre, Chelmsford CM3 4HD

Main Rd, Bicknacre, Chelmsford CM3 4HD

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The History Of

The Brewers Arms


There has been a building on this site since 1639 formerly known as “Tile Pit Hall”, part of the Woodham Lodge Estate. By 1811 the site was known as Bicknackre or Tile Pit Farm. Consisting of a farmhouse and barn. It was not until 1870 that the name “Brewers arms” was given to the site. The first host of the pub was Mr John Barnard Mason, and by 1882 Mr Alfred Boreham was pulling pints. Hy Wallis followed in 1888 and then James Francis Firman in 1890. 1895 saw a lady in charge of the pub, Mrs Elizabeth Punt (Eliza) In April 1890, the sheds and slaughterhouse adjoining the main building were destroyed by fire, which left the owner and tenant out of pocket since the buildings were not insured. Eliza retired in 1908 to be replaced by William Levington. In 1910 Arthur King became a tenant and stayed until 1922 when Charles (Chas) Smith took over. Chas was probably one of the first in the district to own a television, which he put up in the bar to share with his customers. During the second world war, he offered shelter to the locals from the bombs, who as the first sign of trouble were ushered down into the pub cellar. Unfortunately one night after an evening with the Home Guard, Chas Smith was killed by a stray bomb as he sat in the pub kitchen. History is sketchy from then until the early 1960s when Cyril Kelly took charge, who subsequently handed the pub over to John Hainsworth around 1967. The Hainsworth’s stayed nearly 30 years before owners Peter and Karen Brown purchased the freehold in 1997 who have now decided to retire and sold the pub to Ben Davies 2019  the current owner.